A revolutionary device for total body healing through sound energy medicine

Enjoy raising your frequency on our VibraGenix Sound Frequency Medicine Now!

A revolutionary device for total body healing through sound energy

Enjoy raising your frequency on our VibraGenix Sound Frequency Medicine Now!

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Dr.Caroline Stites

Founder & CEO

“VibraGenix is my life’s work and the culmination of my education and passion bridging Traditional, Natural, and Eastern medicine. My destiny was to create a New Path to True Wellness integrating all three disciplines.
My mission is to educate and spread the VibraGenix technology to heal as many people and animals as possible worldwide.
We were created to self-heal and thrivel We simply need the right tools and clear understanding that WE ARE frequency and frequency medicine is the best way to treat the body.”

VibraGenix applications: What can it be used for?

The limitless flexibility of VibraGenix means it can be applied to virtually
any health goal or disorder you can imagine.

Jay Campbell

Men’s Health Expert

“I AM so impressed with the VibraGenix technology, I’ve made it my personal mission to ensure as many people as possible experience its profound consciousness enhancing frequencies.
If you are Physician, Holistic Energy Healer or anyone interested in using the power of vibration to attain more love, joy and full spectrum well being in your life, I strongly recommend putting the VibraGenix platform in your home or office and using it every single day.”

Sound energy medicine

If you do a live blood cell analysis before and after just 10 minutes on the VibraGenix, you will see the cells go from low voltage (clumped chains) to an energized state of natural separation and function.

Healthy cells can resist disorders, recover quickly, and heal more rapidly from illness, training, and injury. The VibraGenix is your secret weapon to help your body heal itself and recover at the Speed of Sound!

Manufactured In The U.S.A

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What is VibraGenix?

The VibraGenix is an electricity-powered sound vibration system that vibrates while the user positions themself on the platform (via standing, sitting or even exercising).

Through the use of sound wave vibration, this acoustic wave technology us precise harmonic frequencies in the 4-20,000 Hertz range to heal your energy field. You energy field is also known as your bio-field, auric field or even as the morphogenetic field.

Where you can use VibraGenix

Home Use

Rehabilitation Centers

Weightloss Centers

Veterinary Clinics

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What people are saying about VibraGenix

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Hi, I'm Ashley. I was just trying to do a heavy eight rep front squat. I failed one of the reps. Tim called me over to get on the machine. I stayed in there for about 5 minutes listening to my favorite music. Um, it was vibrating all over my body. It really kind of stimulated everything. I went back to do it again [the heavy eight rep front squat] and it felt 10 times easier and I ended up doing all the reps this time.
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I'm really a true believer in this machine. I pulled my hamstring on a Tuesday and by Saturday I was able to compete and workout for a CFL team. Before I used it [VibraGenix Pro X] I couldn't bend down and stretch my hamstring. After I could touch my toes and I ran a 4.7 [40-yard-dash]
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On one of my days where I did legs on one day I only had 2 days of recovery. Usually I would never touch legs again. Um, I did the whole machine back here, the whole entire hookup and the system. Ran it for about a half an hour. And then the next morning I did legs again and I was able to achieve the exact same amount of weight I was able to do but with no support for my waist or problems with my legs.
Dr. Hamlin Emory
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Our focus at VibraGenix is lasting wellness. Dr. Hamlin Emory shares that dedication in his day to day work, and he shares with us how the VibraGenix Fusion helps him achieve “…a sense of heightened well being”.

Trusted by experts and influencers​

“I wish I had this technology earlier
because I know it would have made a
tremendous change in my patients progress and of course my practice.”

Dr. Fab Mancini

America’s #1 healthy living and success media expert

“I have so much variety that I can do
with this machine that patients really
understand the benefit and look
forward to using it.”

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

President of ACA Rehabilitation Council

“I felt my body go into Theta without
really focusing. It’s truly the most
amazing device I’ve ever experienced
in my entire life”

Jay Campbell

Men’s Health Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions

VibraGenix is a platform that vibrates while the user stands, sits, etc., on it. Exercises can be performed while on the platform, which will have an amplified effect on the body compared to performing these exercises while on solid ground. The biological reaction to vibration is dependent on the frequency, magnitude, duration and type of vibration — or how often, how much and how long the vibratory stimulus is. There is an involuntary muscular response to vibration; the muscle contracts and relaxes at the same rate as the Hz set on the VibraGenix unit. Specific sound frequencies make muscles contract more often and to a greater degree. For example, if the unit is set to 30Hz for 30 seconds, the muscle will contract and relax 900 times.

VibraGenix Whole-Body Vibration employs a speaker system with magnetic voice coils and audio-circuits, rather than mechanical vibration. VibraGenix technology works to overcome all negative aspects of mechanical movement. Vibration spin motors have excessive noise, unnatural directions of vibration, harsh direction changes, and can create a stress response in the body. VibraGenix which is in a natural vertical plane of motion, has fully adjustable intensity, and is a true sine wave directional change. All of which results in a much more enjoyable and healthy vibrational exercise experience. Mechanical vibration plates are simply not as effective or healing.

Many types of intermediate sports, like walking, power walking, horse riding, etc. are all performed at low frequencies, between 1 ~ 8 Hz. It is now possible with VibraGenix to exercise at these ultra-low frequencies. The movements are only vertical, which is the direction we experience through most of our physical activities.

This list below of contraindications is not absolute. If one of the conditions listed below applies to you, we advise that you consult with your physician before using the VibraGenix. If you have any known health concerns in addition to this list, consult your physician and advise them you wish to begin a sonic vibration exercise program which vibrates in a vertical plane between 4-50 Hz (vibrations per second) and has an adjustable intensity (amplitude at which the plate vibrates up and down). This variable vertical movement for up to 10 minutes can be equivalent to 1 hour of cardio.

  •  Pregnancy
  •  Acute thrombosis
  •  Recent wounds from an operation or surgery
  •  Recent Hip replacement (within 12 months) and total knee replacement (9 months)
  •  Acute herniation 
  •  Severe diabetes
  •  Acute uncontrolled Epilepsy
  •  Recent severe infections
  •  Severe migraines
  •  Recently placed IUDs, metal pins, or plates

Research is still being conducted on the effects of vibration on certain medical conditions. Very frail or ill individuals consult their physician and be accompanied by an adult when using the VibraGenix.

With young children, it is advisable to restrict use to 5 minutes at a 50% or less amplitude, and be accompanied by an adult. This would include the low intensity setting, or in the Manual mode at low frequency.

Yes it is recommended that you take off your shoes before using the VibraGenix. Shoes can absorb some of the good vibrations from going through your body. By removing your shoes you will also be in a more natural position. To get the best results from your VibraGenix experience you should be barefoot or wearing a pair of socks.

You have several options! While on the VibraGenix, you can hold your most perfect posture. Shoulders back, head up looking forward, breathing deeply. Standing tall places your body posture in a neutral weight distribution position for the best overall effect.  

You may also sit on the vibration plate, either directly or with a small stool or chair with non-slip feet on the vibration plate for those who cannot stand.  Care must be taken to assure the chair or stool stays centered on the plate.  

You can also perform various stretches for increased flexibility.

Or you can use resistance bands or weights while using the VibraGenix and increase the rate of tightening and toning by 30-50%.

While on the VibraGenix flex and tense muscles in various isometric contractions. The stimulation of the fast twitch muscle response is the natural process of the VibraGenix using the weight of the cell in gravity. To get faster results from your 10 minute VibraGenix workout, flex and hold different muscle contractions, or for even better results use weights or resistance bands.

Also, Breathe deeply! When you have all of your 100 trillion cells in motion, they are screaming for Oxygen to help burn the increased number of calories being spent. Be sure and breathe deeply. Another consideration would be the addition of an oxygen concentrator for an incredible EWOT (exercise with oxygen) experience.

Yes, start off slowly. In the beginning stick with the 10 minute program, or even less if your body has been storing toxins for many years or your health is not good. The fluid movement generated by your VibraGenix exercise program is going to stimulate your body to detoxify and remove unwanted fluid. As you slowly adapt you can add in another 10 minute session, or use the machine several times a day with up to three 10min sessions.

Yes! This issue has been researched and tested over the last 15 years. There are two types of EMF’s….  Coherent (good) and Incoherent (bad).   Incoherent EMF’s are made up of thousands of random frequencies (Like microwaves, and wireless phones). Those are not so good...... A sound wave, a single tone, music or sound in itself, is a coherent frequency. Our VibraGenix emits single sine wave forms that are Coherent and safe for electromagnetically sensitive people.  Other forms of electrical equipment have Incoherent random waves that can affect electromagnetically sensitive people.

The VibraGenix plate has a maximum amplitude of 3/8 inch and runs exclusively in a sine wave pattern. Remember that the VibraGenix is sound actuated so it functions in a true sine wave, which means it is actually slightly decelerating before it changes direction. With the curve at the bottom and top of the sine wave, the transitions are smooth and easy on the body. Mechanical and non-sonic machines are a saw tooth or square wave creating a very harsh, jarring, and cellular stress factor due to the change in the direction of the motor.

The VibraGenix is truly sound actuated, with a precise frequency range from 4 – 20,000 Hertz. The base plate is actually driven by powerful magnetic voice coils. This means you are moving up and down in pure sound waves, much like standing on powerful speakers.

In contrast, what traditional mechanical vibration plates actually have is a motor or several small  motors that runs at one selected speed and not the multiple sounds from a sound frequency generator or frequency software. The motion in these types of machines is transferred to the plate via mechanical actuation rods.

If a Vibration plate is truly Sound actuated like the VibraGenix, you will be able to play music through it from an iPod, smartphone or sound frequency software.  Mechanical plates are also quite limited in frequency range, typically for 30-60 Hz.  Whereas the VibraGenix devices operate from 4-20,000 Hz.  

Number of vibrational machines available in the world---about 60 including the VibraGenix.

Number of machines that are a strictly vertical motion--- 3 including the VibraGenix.  Multi-directional plates can create a cellular stress response.  We are aiming for cellular healing, not cellular stress.

Number of machines that function below 30Hz--- 2 including the VibraGenix.  Most medicinal frequencies are below 30 Hz -- earth frequencies, dolphins, mitochondria, healing effects, meditation, creative brain wave patterning etc. are all below 12Hz

Number of machines that are sound actuated--- 2 including the VibraGenix.

Number of machines that emit a coherent low frequency electromagnetic field---2  including the VibraGenix.

Number of machines that have a range from 4-20,000 Hz---1, only the VibraGenix.

Number of machines that have multiple sound frequency panels --- 1, only the VibraGenix.

Number of machines that have ancient tones, Charkras and TBSW frequencies --- 1, only the VibraGenix.

There is no vibration machine competition at this level. Most of the other machines are an exercise device at some level, but none have the exercise therapeutics, exercise versatility, and variable sound frequency formulas of the VibraGenix.

Many businesses such as Health Clubs, Wellness Spas, Chiropractic offices, Physical Therapy Offices, Collegiate and Professional Athletics teams and training centers are using VibraGenix.  It is a great way to draw new clients in and create revenue with memberships or by selling sessions to experience the VibraGenix. With Athletics, this technology facilitates Rapid Recovery – and fully recovered athletes play better, win more, and are less easily injured.

In one ten-minute VibraGenix session you can burn between 190-270 Calories, depending on the intensity level of the machine and whether or not you are doing weighted or band exercises while on the machine.

Yes, it can help improve your flexibility. Before you use the VibraGenix, try touching your toes, after your session try touching your toes again. You will notice it may be much easier the second time. A better range of motion and flexibility is usually the first thing that users notice. Stretching on the VibraGenix is an ideal way to increase flexibility.

If you experience any issues with your unit give a call 1 (800) 761-0511 and we will troubleshoot the problem with you and if needed call tag the piece of equipment and repair or replace it.

Products can be returned within 60 days of the delivery date.  There is a 10% restocking fee and you are responsible for repacking the unit in its original packaging and for all return shipping costs. Please call us to arrange for pickup and shipping charges. If damage occurs from the VibraGenix not being properly repacked, the repair cost will be deducted from the refund.

It usually takes about 5 to 10 business days for the shipment to arrive at its destination, depending on the location. For more detailed shipping information, please call 1-800-761-0511.

If in heavy use in a commercial or business situation, the linear bearings may need to be re-greased in 1-2 years. With home use, the bearings will need to be re-greased every 3 years. This is simple to do and we will give you detailed instructions when you are ready, and walk you through the procedure.

The VibraGenix Pro and VibraGenix Elite require 8 amps of power.

The VibraGenix Wave and VibraGenix Fusion require 6 amps of power.

The ideal flooring is concrete, or you can place the VibraGenix on a piece of granite or marble. You can have a thin carpet over concrete, but not heavy carpet pad or thick carpet. The Ground floor is best, but if you must place it upstairs, place a piece of granite over a supporting beam or supporting wall, then place the VibraGenix on it.

Wood has a resonant frequency, and the VibraGenix will find it going through a whole body cycle. If it is placed on wood, we recommend a thin piece of carpet pad with a piece of granite on top, and over a supporting wall or beam if on an upper level. A 4’x4’ piece of granite is ideal, but a 3.5 x 3.5 foot piece will work. Many times you can find these as a remnant of a countertop from a supplier.

We have partnered with Reliant Capital to offer affordable payment terms to well-qualified applicants.

Simply click here to start the application process.

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