Pain Relief

Did you know that the #2 prescription in the US is Pain medication? We are in an Opioid epidemic because they are so addictive, and unfortunately, they have numerous side effects as well. In addition, they NEVER treat or address the underlying cause of the pain – they are just a band-aid.

VibraGenix has numerous sound frequency formulas for numerous types of pain, and over 1000 frequency formulas to address the likely source of the pain and truly heal the body! Doesn’t that sound better than just masking the symptoms with a synthetic drug with all kinds of side effects?

PAIN is actually your body’s way of telling you that SOMETHING IS WRONG or that there is blocked TRAUMA energy stuck in your body – Listen to it and find the root of the problem and treat that at the same time as you run your Rife pain frequencies to relieve the symptoms. You can heal your underlying cause of your pain with the correct frequencies.

According to Eastern Medicine, All Disorder, Dysfunction and Disease is caused by blocked energy in the body. That energy block can be Emotional, Mental or Physical. I have not found anything more effective than this technology for releasing Energy Blocks in the body – for both humans and animals.

We are Energy beings, not just organs and systems held up by a skeletal body, put in motion with a multitude of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Remember, YOU ARE ENERGY and FREQUENCY at your most basic building block – your atoms! Frequency Medicine is the Best Medicine to treat the energy field called your body!

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