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Kevin pulled his hamstring on a Tuesday just days away from competing in a workout for a CFL team! Hear below how he was able to turn his setback into a come back with the VibraGenix!
Dr. Hamlin Emory
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Our focus at VibraGenix is lasting wellness. Dr. Hamlin Emory shares that dedication in his day to day work, and he shares with us how the VibraGenix Fusion helps him achieve “…a sense of heightened well being”.
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On one of my days where I did legs on one day I only had 2 days of recovery. Usually I would never touch legs again. Um, I did the whole machine back here, the whole entire hookup and the system. Ran it for about a half an hour. And then the next morning I did legs again and I was able to achieve the exact same amount of weight I was able to do but with no support for my waist or problems with my legs.
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Hi, I'm Ashley. I was just trying to do a heavy eight rep front squat. I failed one of the reps. Tim called me over to get on the machine. I stayed in there for about 5 minutes listening to my favorite music. Um, it was vibrating all over my body. It really kind of stimulated everything. I went back to do it again [the heavy eight rep front squat] and it felt 10 times easier and I ended up doing all the reps this time.

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