Brain Balance

We all know how important the proper function of our brain is, for both disease prevention and enhanced cognition. The brain is the master controller for countless functions, so balance and optimal functionality are paramount.

Most people are familiar with Binaural Beats – a tone for the right hemisphere and another for the left. VibraGenix software contains a program called TBSW, Trilateral Balanced Sine Wave because there is a third tone needed for the mid-brain or base brain. These three tones together create a synergy that effectively activates, resets, and heals the brain. There are many frequency formulas for everything from migraines to tremors and regeneration to various disorders. My favorites are the spiritual vibrational formulas, like mind expansion, psychic enhancement, and intuition.

One of my favorites, and one of the most powerful assets to TBSW is the enhanced Scalar wave generator technology, which can be added to every formula in this program. This is one of the fastest ways to raise your cell voltage and get your body to heal itself, in addition to the VibraGenix sonic vibration.

Scalar waves are Zero-point energy waves produced when two waves have the same frequency and opposite phase. TBSW Generator will add two additional signals of equal and opposite phase to opposing channels. The phase is calculated to 7 decimal places of Pi (π).

Zero-point energy is one of the greatest gifts from the quantum realm according to Quantum physicists as it is an unlimited energy source. I have seen scalar wave generators on the market for up to $70,000!

Together, the TBSW with Scalar wave technology can do wonders for brain balancing, elimination of disorders, and enhancing spiritual enlightenment.

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