Many are new to meditation, but as advanced meditators know, this is the highway to enlightenment. Meditation calms the mind, centers, and relaxes you.

The ultimate state of meditation is the Theta State, where stress and anxiety fade away, your mind and body relax, and you are open to guidance and healing. Some feel like it is like being in a dream state while you are awake. Divine messages, subconscious beliefs, limitations and messages can float into your consciousness. In the Theta state we are the most receptive to energy and higher knowledge.

 When advanced meditators get on the VibraGenix and run all of the Ancient Tones, all of the Chakras, TBSW with Scalar waves on, they can slip into a Theta state within 30 seconds to a minute. For some it speeds the process to add the frequencies for Mood Elevation to this formula.

For those that are new at meditation, plug your phone into the VibraGenix and play your favorite meditation music while adding in the Ancient Tones, up to four Chakras, and your chosen TWSW frequency panel with Scalar waves. In addition, I would suggest adding Mood Elevation and Stress relief frequency panels. Centering ourselves and calming our mind and body in a world full of chaos has tremendous potential for physical healing as well. We all have our own Inner Physician that can lead and guide us to health.
I cannot overemphasize the regenerating and rejuvenating effects of Meditation. Most importantly, we are all here to learn and grow and evolve spiritually, and a key to that is Raising our Vibration – something the VibraGenix does like nothing else!

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