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Mood Elevation

Did you know that the #1 prescription in the US is Anti-depressants? All of them have unfortunate side effects and are difficult to safely discontinue.
Unfortunately, the path of modern medicine is to throw a pill at everything from anxiety to depression, and there has been a plethora of that since the pandemic began. What we have come to understand and accept from traditional medicine is that pharmaceuticals are the ONLY way to deal with emotional disturbances and disorders.

It is always important to analyze WHY we feel that way and WHAT the cause is. But sometimes we need the cloud lifted to even see the ROOT of the problem at all. Our emotions are intelligent, they are trying to show us circumstances and relationships that are not meant for our highest good. But being medicated just leaves us in a fog and dulls the symptoms, not FIXING anything or even isolating the problem.

What if I told you there are sound frequency formulas for depression, fatigue, anxiety and stress relief that typically lifts that cloud, bringing the peace and the clarity needed to solve the puzzle of how you got to where you are in the first place? The power to choose a different path that leads to fulfillment and true happiness.

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VibraGenix is sound frequency medicine that works on an energy level to clear your mind and heart, enhance your intuition, balance your neurotransmitters, calm your nerves, and lift your spirits – and it is drug free! That means there are no negative side effects.
Remember, YOU ARE ENERGY and FREQUENCY at your most basic building block – your atoms! Frequency Medicine is the Best Medicine to treat the energy field called your body!

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