Peak Performance

For our Athletic community, VibraGenix is a tremendous asset. But first, I would like to address the elephant in the room! Athletes and coaches know about vibration plates like Power Plate, but that is Mechanical Vibration. The effects are temporary and mechanical vibration does Nothing to increase Cell voltage/energy – the Key to rapid recovery. In addition, the maximum influence of the Power plate/mechanical plate is within 2 feet of the plate. VibraGenix Sonic vibration simultaneously stimulates and heals every cell in your body instantaneously – as much as the bottom of your feet at the top of your head. How you may ask?
Because this is Sound driven vibration – and sound travels 5 times faster through water, and You are 70% water when properly hydrated.

Another reason VibraGenix sound vibration is so much more effective is that it delivers healing frequencies from 4 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Mechanical vibration is from 25 or 35 Hz to 90 Hz. The frequencies that target various organs resonant frequency (bringing them back to a state of health), systems and tissues in the body are between 4 and 25 Hz, a range that mechanical vibration cannot even safely reach.
Speaking of safety, mechanical vibration has been known to cause histamine reactions (rashes) in athletes. The motion is abrupt, up-stop/down-stop. VibraGenix sound vibration runs in a smooth sine wave with a curve at the top of the motion, and another at the bottom. The body loves this oscillating movement and never reacts in a negative way, but instead embraces the healing vibration.

In addition, there are over a hundred frequency formulas for specific joint and soft tissue injuries, recovery, inflammation, pain, fatigue, concussions, DNA repair, trauma and SO much more. These specialized sound frequency formulas are very synergistic with the Sonic vibration in the VibraGenix and our technology delivers them perfectly to the specific areas in the body where they are most needed. We have custom Cell Xciters that go right on the point of injury for rapid recovery.

The Importance of Recovery

We all know that athletes and weekend warriors are more prone to injury if they have not recovered from training and practice. The VibraGenix is amazing at flushing the lactic acid out of the body, repairing tissues on a cellular level, reducing inflammation, and increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage to release cellular waste products. There are specific frequency formulas for all of these needs and so much more.

Peak Performance

With the assistance of strength and conditioning coaches, we have created a custom program in our software for neuromuscular entrainment. There are 5 frequency sequences that are paired with certain exercises in a short format. The athlete performs these in between sets during training to enhance performance on the field. This system also greatly enhances blood flow, and circulation is King in athletics for recovery.
So if you really want to enhance your performance and put your recovery from injury and training on the fast track – VibraGenix is for you!
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