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Cell Voltage

The number one indicator of the health of the body is the cellular voltage or overall energy of our cells.

According to Otto Warburg, who won a Nobel Prize for his work in this field, most people have a cell voltage of around -50 mV. Those that are highly susceptible to colds and flus run at about -35 mV, and those with cancer have cell voltages of about -15mV.

Otto stated that if you could get your cell voltage up to -70 to – 90 mV that the body would spontaneously heal because your energized cells cannot only resist disease, but they are capable of self-healing. This is the epitome of vital health, and after all, isn’t that what we all want?

I have always believed that we were meant to self-heal, that is the way we were created to be! We are here to thrive in our Human experience!

So how do you get your cell voltage up? Just 10 minutes on the VibraGenix alone will cause a drastic change in your blood cells in live blood cell analysis that you see in the before and after microscopic views below.

You see how the cells push away from each other? That’s because their overall energy/cell voltage is elevated. The negative charge on the surface causes the cells to push away from each other (remember negative and negative repel each other). This allows for more oxygen and nutrients to be brought into the cell and more waste materials to be released out of the cells. When this happens, your cells begin spontaneously healing themselves.

Viruses and bacteria are Everywhere, it is the state of your cells (and pH, but we will get to that later) that determines if you succumb to illness and disease. VibraGenix plays

The Sonic whole-body vibration and Scalar Wave technology in VibraGenix is the fastest way to raise your cell voltage and regain your Health and Vitality!

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