Circulation Of Your Blood and Your Lymphatic System

VibraGenix is incredible at enhancing circulation. In fact, you get the same circulatory effect in 10 minutes on high as a brisk walk for an hour! We all know that exercise is essential to our circulatory system, to get the oxygenated and nutrients to the cells and removing waists. VibraGenix also supports the heart, which is the pump for your circulatory system, to function more effectively.

Your Lymphatic system I have not found anything more effective at stimulating lymphatic circulation than the VibraGenix. The lymphatic system functions like a vacuum cleaner system for the bloodstream. Every blood vessel is paralleled by a lymphatic vessel, and the large arteries and veins have up to four of them running along side to keep the blood clean and maintain life.
Traditional medicine is looking at lymphatic stagnation as being the underlying cause of all diseases because so many people are sedentary…. 72% of us according to the CDC. You see, the lymphatic system does not have a pump (like the heart is for the circulatory system). It relies totally on one-way valves and muscle action to move the lymph. Mechanical machines do not move the lymph because they vibrate at frequencies between 35 and 90 Hz. For lymphatic movement, you need frequencies between 4 and 6 Hz to toss the lymph up and allow the one-way valve to close. VibraGenix runs from 4 Hz to 20,000 Hz. In addition, there are Rife frequency formulas that enhance the lymph movement and detoxification process.

Lymphedema is when the lymph vessels swell due to poor circulation of the lymph, and eventually, the waste material they contain seeps into the tissues. This condition has become more and more prevalent due to lack of exercise. The common treatment is lymph massage by therapists and eventually removal of the lymph vessels, which does not help with detoxification. With more than 10 million Americans suffering from lymphedema, there are lymphatic treatment centers popping up everywhere to cope with the increase in this condition.
Again, the VibraGenix is profound at lymph drainage and detoxification due to the low-frequency sonic vibration, Rife lymph detox frequencies, and the right passive exercise to solve the problem of lymphatic congestion.

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