Raising Your Frequency

You Are Frequency – so logically, Frequencies should be the Medicine to treat ourselves and Heal! Look at this beautiful picture below. That is actually your frequency field! The human form in the center is only a small portion of the sum of who each of us

You have the physical body, then the emotional body outside of that, then the mental body followed by the spiritual body. According to Quantum Physicists, this Toroidal field of energy is constantly circulating around and through our physical body. In fact, this field exists around all living things.

In addition, we are constantly emitting and gathering emotional, mental, light, and subtle energy. So who we are around their energy field is constantly affecting us, as we are them. Environments we are in can strongly affect us as well. Does that make you want to rethink your trips to Walmart? Lol

But seriously, our partners and friends we choose as well as our work and home environment have a tremendous impact on us emotionally, physically, and mentally. This makes it even more important to use the amazing VibraGenix frequencies for clearing our energy field on a continual basis.

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