One of the issues we face as we age is potential bone loss and increased susceptibility to fracture. Whole Body Vibration technology was originally designed to prevent bone and muscle loss in the zero-gravity environment of space. In the environment of earth’s gravity this has been found to be effective at strengthening bones, and in some cases even reversing bone loss. This is a critical factor for increasing the quality of life throughout our Golden years.

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Sports Performance

The Olympic training programs and their athletes have highlighted the use of Whole Body Vibration in Sports and leading athletic performance for more than a half a century. This is an arena where cutting edge technology and training techniques are researched, sought-after, highlighted and utilized to their fullest extent.

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How Vibration Exercise Machines Improve Your Lymphatic Health

The article written in Natural News about Lymphatic health and whole body vibration highlights important information. The lymphatic system one of the most critical detoxification systems in the body, yet it is one of the most neglected.  The world of medicine is looking to lymphatic stagnation as the underlying cause of most disorders. VibraGenix Whole

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