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One of the most remarkable results with the use of VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration technology is the enhanced speed of recovery from both fitness training and sports related injuries. Sonic technology also helps shorten recovery from workouts by releasing lactic acid build up in your muscles and improving your training results.

As we age, like it or not – we become more injury prone and slower to heal.   Also, for those of us that play hard at any age, injury recovery is of utmost importance – so that we can get back in the game!  VibraGenix does a remarkable job at speeding up recovery time.  This is due to many factors that directly affect the area of injury; increase of circulation, reduction of inflammation, increase of cell voltage and enhancement of cellular repair.  Sonic technology has been used in conjunction with hydrotherapy in the field of Sports Medicine for injury intervention for many years.

These actions of the VibraGenix in rehabilitation make it an ideal fit for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Athletic Trainers and Coaches.

The sooner you use the VibraGenix frequencies after a pulled muscle or sports related injury, the faster it seems to recover.   Conversely – if you have been dealing with a chronic issue for years from an old injury – it can take longer sustained use, but VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration can help you recover from those annoying aches and pains that you are accustomed to dealing with.

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