RegenX Iluma Red Light Panel

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• Produces more ATP (energy)
cells (mitochondria)


• Reduces muscle tightness

• Improves circulation

• Promotes weight loss

• Lower side effects of diabetes

• Reverses Sun Damage

• Lower blood pressure

  • Wound Healing
  • Excellent for
  • Lactation
    enhancement &



Red light exposure
reboots and strengthens
the mitochondria, which
is where the cell’s
energy is created.

Red light therapy
increases elastin and
collagen while repairing
skin damage for an anti-
aging effect.

VibraGenix applications: What can it be used for?

The limitless flexibility of VibraGenix means it can be applied to virtually
any health goal or disease you can imagine.

Trusted by experts and influencers

“I wish I had this technology earlier
because I know it would have made a
tremendous change in my patients progress and of course my practice.”

Dr. Fab Mancini

Something about Fab Mancini

“I have so much variety that I can do
with this machine that patients really
understand the benefit and look
forward to using it.”

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

President of ACA Rehabilitation Council

“I felt my body go into Theta without
really focusing. It’s truly the most
amazing device I’ve ever experienced
in my entire life”

Jay Campbell

Men’s Health Expert

Where you can use VibraGenix

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Home Use

Rehabilitation Centers

Weightloss Centers

Veterinary Clinics

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