Ancient Tones

The Ancient Tones are some of my favorites, and I use them daily! Throughout the ages, there have been certain Solfeggio and other frequencies considered to have powerful healing properties. Scientists and Quantum Physicists have found that they actually work! In fact, the most well know frequency, 528 Hz that is also known as Transformations and Miracles, was heavily researched and found to regenerate DNA. NASA now regularly uses it with their cosmonauts and for rehabilitation. NASA also found that the central frequency from the sun and other select planets is 528 Hz.
The Graduate School of Medicine in Tokyo Japan did a study that determined that 528 Hz has an influence on the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system, and an especially strong stress-reducing effect, even with as little as 5 minutes of exposure. I have found that all eight of the Ancient Tones are both calming and healing

Musical system of ancient Greece

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