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Health Clubs and Fitness Centers everywhere aren’t just basic gyms anymore.  Most successful health clubs and fitness centers find that relaxation, recovery, weight loss and wellness exercising is just as important as being physically fit.  Full services are being added to help provide these in-demand wellness services.  Adding the VibraGenix whole body vibration is an easy way to incorporate or expand weight management and recovery in a health club or fitness center.  It provides health and wellness benefits and it can also help customers achieve improved fitness, weight management and recovery.


Recently, Recovery services have become common within the larger health clubs.  “Premium memberships” are now upgrades from standard memberships to include these services.  Health Clubs have found that the VibraGenix whole body vibration is an easy option to add or expand their recovery services.  It is an excellent way for a club to instantly stand apart from the competition.  Health Clubs that add the VibraGenix significantly increase sales of premium memberships. 


Member recruitment and retention are crucial for the survival of health clubs.  The VibraGenix has a dramatic impact on the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members.  Successful clubs understand the importance of providing weight management, recovery and wellness benefits to their members beyond the traditional health club offerings.

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