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VibraGenix – State-of-the-Art Passive Exercise

VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration is truly wonderful technology, for both regaining and maintaining fitness and wellness throughout the Golden Years. This State-of-the-art passive exercise is ideal for those with balance issues, the disabled, and those who experience pain with standard exercise programs. Exercising regularly can positively impact both the quality and quantity of life throughout the Golden years – and nothing is more important than that.

Throughout history, there have been times when humanity and technology have both taken a giant leap forward — electricity, transportation, flight, computer science and now exercise science. This is a breakthrough that will change both the exercise, and wellness paradigm forever.

VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration Exercise provides Sonic wave stimulation for every cell in your body. This is done while passively standing on the machine for 10 short minutes. The effects of the VibraGenix are very similar to exercise – increase of lymphatic movement, cell voltage, bone and muscle density, as well as effective movement of energy blockages.

This is the Ultimate No Sweat Workout!

Just 10 minutes gives the effects of an hour of cardiovascular exercise, such as walking – and the same energy movement as 90 minutes of Tai Chi! How is this possible? By simultaneously stimulating every cell in your body with sonic/sound waves – and you have nearly 100 trillion of them!

One of the issues we face as we age is potential bone loss and increased susceptibility to fracture. Whole Body Vibration technology was originally designed to prevent bone and muscle loss in the zero gravity environment of space. In the environment of the earth’s gravity, Whole Body Vibration has been found to be effective at strengthening bones, and in some cases even reversing bone loss. This is a critical factor for increasing the quality of life throughout our Golden years.

VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration Technology is truly the wave of the future in Exercise

Another helpful aspect of Whole Body Vibration technology is the increase in balance and coordination.

Whole Body Sound Vibration also helps with fall prevention, another critical aspect of the aging equation. If you are unable to exercise with traditional methods due to balance issues, the VibraGenix machine will give you the exercise you need to maintain your quality of life and keep your systems functioning. VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration Technology is truly the wave of the future in exercise science. Again, for those people that are unable to participate in regular exercise due to restricted mobility, poor balance, pain, or susceptibility to falling, this technology has the potential to drastically change their lives for the better. Increasing the vitality, quality and quantity of life for our fastest growing population group is a top priority.



From the Office of the US Surgeon General:

“Weight-bearing, strength, and balance-training exercises are also an important part of any osteoporosis prevention and treatment program, regardless of age. They can help increase or preserve bone mass and may also help reduce the risk of falling. As discussed in Chapter 6, all types of physical activity can contribute to bone health.

Activities that are weight bearing or involve impact are most useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass. Activities that are not weight bearing or are low impact may help improve balance and coordination and maintain muscle mass, which can help prevent falls. For those who cannot engage in regular physical activity due to disability, mechanical stimulation of the skeleton might prove beneficial. Recent, small studies found that use of vibrating platforms increased BMD and slowed bone loss (Rubin 2004 et al., Verschueren et al. 2004, Ward et al. 2004). This may provide another way to reduce fracture risk both in the elderly and in younger individuals with disabling conditions that limit their ability to exercise.”

– Vice Admiral Regina M Benjamin MD MBA – US Surgeon General

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