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Whole Body Vibration is the exercise secret used by Olympic athletes, and Astronauts for more than 60 years! This amazing technology has taken a leap forward in evolution, and is now powered by sonic sound waves. The positive effects are far more powerful than the outdated mechanical Whole Body Vibration systems.

Introducing the 2019 VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration exercise machines – with innovations far exceeding the original 2010 design. VibraGenix uses sound vibrations to stimulate the nearly 100 trillion cells in the body simultaneously! The result – 4D Transformation – mind/body/spirit/emotions! 

What 10 Short Min. can do for You!

Just 10 minutes of focused sonic vibration provides the same benefits as 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise, or 90 minutes of Qigong or Tai Chi! VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration system is the perfect No-Sweat workout! 

Finally you can easily fit daily exercise into a busy lifestyle! VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration exercise is a passive, low-impact workout that is a perfect alternative for those with balance and mobility issues, the aging, athletes, and for people who experience pain with exercise. Daily exercise is key to creating a strong healthy body, losing weight, looking great and feeling terrific!

Software that’s Powerful Music for Your Cells!

Meet Sonic World Millennium & Tru-Resonance Pro V4.1.0 

We have two amazing sound frequency generator software programs available for you to choose from. These go on your PC and run through the VibraGenix, greatly enhancing your Sonic Resonance Training experience. This software contains the products of 80 years worth of research, and is considered Powerful Music for Cellular Rejuvenation. 

Programs include Chakra Balancing, Ancient Tones, Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves, and a sound frequency generator with numerous presets for many chronic daily issues. 

Sound frequencies can return the entire energy field to a state of Harmonic Resonance – exactly what we need to promote vitality, fitness and wellness. Fatigue, insomnia, aches, pains, the “blues” and more will ease with regular use of the VibraGenix exercise system. These frequencies will enhance the release of toxins and weight from the body, and help relieve stress and insomnia.

There are two programs for you to chose from:
1. Sonic World Millennium
2. Tru Resonance Professional

A qualified consultant is available to help you determine which software will best suit your needs.

From Athletes to Seniors

Athletes, the VibraGenix helps shorten recovery, releases lactic acid build up in your muscles, helps reduce body fat, and improves your training results. The VibraGenix helps you tighten, tone, and lose stubborn fat, improving the results of those participating in weight reduction programs. 

This is a great, all-ages exercise solution from Corporate America to active Seniors! It only takes 10 minutes of your time and fits conveniently into the busy American lifestyle. VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration is an excellent exercise alternative for those who experience pain with exercise, have balance and mobility issues, or are disabled. 

The US Surgeon General stated that “For those who cannot engage in regular physical activity due to disability, mechanical stimulation of the skeleton might prove beneficial. Recent, small studies found that use of vibrating platforms increased BMD (Bone Mass Density) and slowed bone loss.”

Announcing the arrival of the completely redesigned VibraGenix Home and its new big brother – the VibraGenix Pro!

Grand innovations have arrived with the VibraGenix Home and the VibraGenix Professional. This is a total redesign of prior Sonic/sound Whole Body Vibration technology. The latest generation of Digital v units iVibraGenixcorporate totally digital technology! Producing minimal heat eliminates the need for multiple cooling fans. They consume less power, are lighter, easier to assemble and move, and more durable!

The VibraGenix Professional unit will hold 550 lbs and is ideal for professional athletes, those of heavier weights, and fitness enthusiasts who wish to use additional weights while on the VibraGenix.

The VibraGenix Home is Perfect for lighter use, both in the home and business. It easily handles up to 270 lbs. Owning a Digital VibraGenix or all new Professional Digital VibraGenix has never been easier.

You will receive all the support you need, and everything will be shipped to your door with ease!

Claim your recovery of personal health and wellness today – I am waiting for your call! 10 min to Health – 10 min to Fitness

Great rates on leasing and financing now available!

800-761-0511 – vibragenix.com – info@vibragenixfitness.com


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