Medispas Everywhere are Embracing Non-Invasive Lipo Techniques

Non-Invasive Liposuction + VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration = Enhanced Results! The world of liposuction and body shaping is evolving and expanding with the development of Non-Invasive Lipo techniques.  What once was a considerable procedure, with a significant, and sometimes messy and inconvenient recovery period, has become a relatively painless, non- invasive procedure with little recovery time.  Medispas and cosmetic surgeons everywhere are embracing this advancement in technology.

The most popular modalities for Non-Invasive Lipo utilize sound and light technology.  More specifically, sonic/ultrasonic and/or laser Lipo devices are focused over areas of unwanted subcutaneous fat, and the sonic and/or laser frequencies destroy the fat cells and liquify the fat in that region.  In one session, it is common to lose an inch in the area that is treated! Amazing, right?

Why do you need to exercise or use VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration for the best results?

Laser and Sonic Lipo breakdown fat cells, and essentially liquify the fat – but neither technique can make it evaporate or vanish.  So what happens to the liquified fat, and the toxins that are often store in fat cells, once the cellular walls have been broken down?  Well, then it is up to the lymphatic system in the body to eliminate the fat and toxins.  That is doable, as long you are active.  Why do you need to exercise or use VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration for the best results?  Because the lymphatic system relies totally on one way valves and muscle action to pump the lymph fluids, and facilitate detoxification and elimination of the unwanted fat.   The problem is that roughly 68% of Americans lead sedentary lifestyles, and therefore lymphatic congestion is already a problem.

So what happens if you get non-invasive lipo, and then don’t exercise? Your lymphatic system will become overloaded and congested, and eventually (they say 3-4 months) your body will redeposit the fat.  But that is not the only issue.  In recent years, in both traditional and alternative medicine, the realization has come into the forefront, that lymphatic congestion is the underlying condition leading to many disorders.

Therefore, the conclusion can be drawn that these technologies, Non-Invasive Lipo and VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration, go hand in hand, and should always be used together.  There is nothing wrong with taking steps to achieve a beautiful body – but you must insure that you preserve and enhance the health of the body at the same time.   Every MediSpa in the country implementing either Sonic or Laser Non-Invasive Lipo, should be combining that treatment with VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration.  The results of the Lipo will be greatly enhanced and truly lasting, and the health of the client will be preserved.

VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration tightens and tones your muscles while detoxifying and promoting weight loss

Our first oath and duty is to “Do no harm” – yet many times we overlook all but the immediate results.  Yes – let’s go for it and lose an inch in a session, but then, follow through by eliminating the mobilized fat and newly released toxins.  Stimulate the lymphatic system with the VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration machine – and you will have the best of both worlds!  VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration is also a great weight loss aid, and it tightens and tones your muscles, while detoxifying by stimulating fluid circulation! Amplify Your Results while Protecting Your Health!

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