Habits and Motivation

Transformations come down to two things: habit and motivation.

We spoke about motivation last week, so this week the VibraGenix team wants to focus on creating and breaking habits. Good or bad, it takes 21 one days to make or break a habit. Our good habits come from persistence and an acknowledgement that we are worth the effort we put into ourselves.
VibraGenix wants to help you break bad habits and help you create long lasting, good habits. We do this in two ways: using the VibraGenix every day and drinking plenty of water! Our line of VibraGenix equipment is fast and easy to use, making breaking bad habits easy as pie, while water is a natural performance enhancer and flushes waste from the body.
The VibraGenix equipment uses sound waves to relieve stress, energize the body, elevate mood, and exercise muscles, stimulating circulation and lymphatic movement. Stepping onto our machine can help you feel your best and beat your insecurities while committing to a better you!
Transformation is not an overnight process, or a journey of perfection. Be gentle, kind and forgiving to yourself, because changes can be a bit messy at times. You will have Epic days with great workouts and food choices, awesome meditations, and you’ll feel peaceful and happy. And then, you will have days that aren’t so good…with low energy, weak training, grumpy emotions and a late dinner with a glass or two of wine..and that’s OK.
Just stay off the scale for a couple of days, but get back in the game immediately. You can even build in 2-4 hours a week where you therapy or address yourself by eating and drinking what you want, guilt free! Just design a sustainable fitness/wellness plan that works for you. Balance is the key, because there are no Perfect People – and who would want to be anyway? Way too much stress! Embrace your journey – and don’t expect perfection out of yourself. This is a life style change – not a prison sentence – so make the ride enjoyable.

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