Mind + Body = Harmony

Summer brings with it the heat and the pressure: the pressure to look good, feel good, and be at your constant best. Whether its by the pool or on the river, our minds need rest and relaxation as much as our bodies do.
Being sure to incorporate whole body wellness into our daily life can elongate and improve our life expectancy. Whole body wellness places a focus on creating and maintaining harmony within ourselves by listening to what our bodies want and what our minds need.
Fostering the harmony between how we think about ourselves and how we therapy or address our bodies allows us to push ourselves beyond our preliminary limits. Here at VibraGenix, we want to help you reach beyond your limits. When we are reaching beyond our limits, it’s also important to recover with as much care.
Using sound driven, whole body vibrations, the VibraGenix is the #1 Rapid Recovery vibration system proudly brought to you by the VibraGenix team.
The patent-pending sonic vibration plate is controlled by a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Simply by selecting from dozens of frequencies that drive the plate, bio-friendly sound energy is imparted into and throughout the body.
The specialized frequencies arouse all of the cells in your body simultaneously, stimulating muscles, increasing blood flow, and lymphatic drainage, succeeding in releasing stress and elevating your mood!
Contact Carl and Caroline today to see how the VibraGenix can help you push past your limits, and recover at the speed of sound!
Carl Cadwell: (509)-551-0023
Caroline Stites: (509)-521-4661

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