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We know that either health or health and fitness is both created and healed at the cellular level. In addition, the body is ultimately designed to self-heal, if the immune system is strong and the body is detoxified, and if we provide all the nutrients, sleep, and exercise that it needs. Both VibraGenix sound frequency software and Whole Body Vibration Exercise are very useful tools that positively influence all of your cells and effectively move lymphatic fluids. This is literally because everything comes down to healthy cells, good lymphatic drainage, adequate exercise, and proper flow of energy – from the building blocks of atoms and electrons, to the cells, organs, and the whole being.
A philosophy endorsed by Eastern Medicine is that dis-ease and disorders are ultimately the result of blocked energy in the body. In Western Medicine, we think of it in reverse… that disorder are the cause of blocked energy (congestion of blood and lymphatic fluid in the tissues). Either way you look at it, the answer is still the same; movement of blocked energy is key to the healing process. (

Harmonic Stimulation on a Cellular Level
The theory is proposed that when cells are subjected to the harmonic/sonic vibrational frequencies, cellular excitation causes entry pathways called calcium channels to open, allowing the cells to bring in more oxygen and nutrients and excrete toxins. Insufficient cellular stimulation and cellular degradation is directly related to accelerated aging and all degenerative disorders conditions. Sonic whole body vibration may assist in correcting this problem by transferring sound waves though pure vertical motion using a vibrational sonic plate to excite the ~100 trillion cells throughout the body at various frequencies and amplitudes with systemic effects. Think of this as passive exercise that affects the entire cellular and energetic body, and may help return each of us to better health.
Voice coil activated vibrational training provides a truly effective, 10 minute, full body workout! As the Sonic vibrational device cycles through the various frequencies and amplitudes, the cells in each muscle group and each organ are sequentially stimulated and returned to their optimal vibration state, energy flow is effectively liberated – and chronic conditions due to energy blockages seem to miraculously dissipate.

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