Jay Campbell + VibraGenix

Jay Campbell Talks VibraGenix

“I AM so impressed with the VibraGenix technology, I’ve made it my personal mission to ensure as many people as possible experience its profound consciousness enhancing frequencies.

If you are Physician, Holistic Energy Healer or anyone interested in using the power of vibration to attain more love, joy and full spectrum well being in your life, I strongly recommend putting the VibraGenix platform in your home or office and using it every single day.”

-Jay C


We are not our physical bodies.

We are energy beings operating through specific frequencies.

The frequencies of resonance create harmony while the frequencies of dissonance produce incoherence.

By tapping into these universally accessible RESONANT frequencies, we hold the key to full spectrum healing of the body, mind and spirit.

I was fortunate to experience this awe-inspiring healing modality while at A4M in Las Vegas.

The VibraGenix Elite Platform harnesses the power of vibration to hasten your path to elevated consciousness and wellness.

How does VibraGenix work and what are all the ways it can be applied?


  • Frequency panels to accentuate areas of recovery
  • Muscle stimulation to increase strength and balance
  • Strength training options while utilizing the VibraGenix Elite
  • Adjust intensity and specific frequencies while in use
  • State-of-the-art touch screen with preset wellness programs
  • Natural enclosure design that resists stains and polishes to a beautiful satin finish.
  • Over 1000 frequency formulas
  • Scaler wave generator for Tachyon
  • Comprehensive Rife Frequencies
  • Eastern medicine, chakra balancing
  • Ancient Tones/Solfeggio’s
  • Brain entrainment/balancing


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