Holistic Wellness Centers

VibraGenix for Holistic Wellness Centers

The Vibrasonic is a great addition to integrating a healthy lifestyle activity into people’s lives.  With its many wellness benefits, the personal fitness, and recovery the Vibrasonic helps clients begin their path to wellness.


The main approach to a holistic health center is helping to improve overall wellness; Vibragenix has the same philosophy.  With the built-in whole body vibration and cell exciting sound frequencies the Vibrasonic is a natural addition to wellness, fitness and health centers.  Many Vibrasonic owners focus on the use of the Vibrasonic for weight management programs.  Behind the Vibrasonic is the concept to help clients create a healthy lifestyle activity, design an optional workout-free weight management program that they will enjoy and follow to improve the body’s overall wellness.  Using the Vibrasonic will complement your other services, improve customer satisfaction and have them come back for more sessions.  Adding oxygen at the same time oxygenates the entire body further assisting in rapid recovery and regeneration.


One of the many benefits of the Vibrasonic is the ease of use.  Since the Vibrasonic does all the work, no additional staff is needed to operate the Vibrasonic.  It requires no additional installation or plumbing, so set-up is simple.  Plug it in to a standard outlet and it is ready to go.


The Vibrasonic and optional Sound Pod and Oxygen Concentrator is a worthwhile investment and unique wellness and healthy lifestyle system that will set your business apart from others.  The wellness industry is growing and more and more holistic wellness centers are opening up.  Now, more than ever is the time to set your business apart from the crowd.  The Vibrasonic is your answer to be ahead of the demand.

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