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If there is one Art that has been lost through time, it is the Art of Harmonic Resonance.

Tone healing predates Egypt and vibrational exercise has been around since the space programs developed it more than fifty years ago.The two art forms merge beautifully: Mothers use resonant harmonic tones by singing lullabies to calm the nervous systems of their children and put them to sleep.

Even the tones in the syllable of Ow when one gets hurt decrease pain. In ancient Egypt, it is said that the precise use of toning was used to break the gravitational fields and assist with the placement of huge blocks on various levels of the pyramids. Dissonant tones were professed to be used to crumble the walls of Jericho in the Old Testament.

Great composers like Bach, Beethoven and Schumann created harmonic tones to lift the human spirit and bring us out of the dark ages. Tones have been used through the ages to clear and balance Chakras and align the energy of the body. This is an art that needs to regain its rightful place among healing modalities. There is some evidence that modern medicine is using harmonic resonance music now to a limited degree.

The VibraSonic system integrates advanced sound frequency software, with an extraordinary electromagnetic speaker technology – creating the Ultimate Whole Body Sound Vibration System. You play your favorite symphony or meditation music through the VibraSonic system, bathing every atom and cell in your body in the harmonic vibration of the music. At the same time you can choose from thousands of harmonic sound frequencies available on the pre-downloaded software; Chakra balancing, Binaural Beats, Ancient Tones, Stress relief, Pain relief, Fatigue, etc…. these are just a few of what will be available!

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