Tim Fitzgerald + VibraGenix

Jay Campbell Talks VibraGenix

” This is such an incredible machine!”

-Tim F.


We are getting incredible results for our clients that are utilizing this technology at our Center and I believe that everyone would benefit from having one of these in their homes or at their wellness centers.
This is one of the three pillars in our Self Healing Protocol at the Human Optimization Center that helps to recharge the cell voltage so that the body can do its own self healing which we are all born to do.
Remember, you can heal yourself if you remove the inflammation and blockages that are preventing that in the first place.
I believe this machine is paramount in helping to achieve that and I’m excited to share with as many people as I can about this incredible sound energy medicine machine!



How does VibraGenix work and what are all the ways it can be applied?

  • Frequency panels to accentuate areas of recovery
  • Muscle stimulation to increase strength and balance
  • Strength training options while utilizing the VibraGenix Elite
  • Adjust intensity and specific frequencies while in use
  • State-of-the-art touch screen with preset wellness programs
  • Natural enclosure design that resists stains and polishes to a beautiful satin finish.
  • Over 1000 frequency formulas
  • Scaler wave generator for Tachyon
  • Comprehensive Rife Frequencies
  • Eastern medicine, chakra balancing
  • Ancient Tones/Solfeggio’s
  • Brain entrainment/balancing


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