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With OPI and UltraFill Connector

Overview for Philips Respironics M10605-10 Millennium M10 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator – With OPI and UltraFill Connector

The Millennium M10 Home Oxygen Concentrator from Philips is a 10L O2 machine that was designed to provide an affordable option to patients who require a high level of oxygen.

Durable and Safe:   This device delivers up to 10 LPM of oxygen and features twin head compressors for more air flow. The SMCT “sure cycle” valve is maintenance-free. The device has durable casters that will stand up to rigorous use and protective tubing that covers the electronic wires for utmost safety. It has alarms to indicate important information such as high/low system pressure, power failure, and low oxygen level. The optional Oxygen Percentage Indicator (OPI) feature ultrasonically measures oxygen output as a purity indicator.

Specifications:   This concentrator has a flow rate of up to 10 LPM in 1 liter increments with a concentration of 92 +/-4% at 1-2 and 8-10 LPM and 94 +/-2% at 3-7 LPM.  It weighs 53 lbs. and measures 27″ H x 19″ L x 13″ W.

Select Option

The Millennium M10 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator comes either will the Oxygen Percentage Indicator (OPI) feature or without. The OPI option also has a choice of with or without the UltraFill Connector. This connection allows the device to be used with the UltraFull Gas Transfill System. Select your option from the drop-down menu above.

  • M10600: Without Oxygen Percentage Indicator (OPI)
  • M10605: With Oxygen Percentage Indicator (OPI)
  • M10605-10: With Oxygen Percentage Indicator and UltraFill Connector


Specifications for Philips Respironics M10605-10 Millennium M10 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator – With OPI and UltraFill Connector

Dimensions & Weight
Height 27″
Depth 13″
Width 19″
Product Weight 53 +/- 0.5 lbs.
Performance & Operation
Oxygen Capacity 10 Liters
Oxygen Concentration 92 +/-4% at 1-2 and 8-10 LPM, 94 +/-2% at 3-7 LPM
Maximum Output Pressure 10 to 30 psig
Oxygen Flow Settings (LPM) 1 – 10 LPM
Temperature – Storage -30 to 160 °F
Temperature – Operating 55 to 90 °F
Electrical Requirements 120V/60Hz (+/- 10%) V/Hz
1 Year
Concentrator Type
Concentrator Type Home Oxygen Concentrator

VibraGenix applications: What can it be used for?

The limitless flexibility of VibraGenix means it can be applied to virtually
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Where you can use VibraGenix

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Home Use

Rehabilitation Centers

Weightloss Centers

Veterinary Clinics

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