How to Become an Affiliate


To become an affiliate go to

There you will find the Affiliate Registration page:

Fill out the form with you first name, last name, email address, and website.

Once you have completed that, go over our Terms and Conditions and check the box indicating you have read it.

Then click the “Become an affiliate” button.

Once you have done this you will be taken to a page indicating that your request has been processed.

Keep in mind, after you have submitted your request to become an affiliate, your request must be approved by an administrator.

This process can take up to no more than five business days.

Once you are approved, login to your account.

Once you have logged in you will be taken to your account page.

In order to generate the affiliation link you need to click on “Generate Link” at the bottom of the column on the left side of the page.

Click on the “Generate Link” button.

You will now be on the “Generate Link” Page.

You can simply copy the referral URL and you will have a shareable URL for the home page. However you can put the URL of any page, product, or article into the “Page URL” box and hit generate, and this will give you a shareable referral URL for that specific page.

Now using the copy button you can easily copy and share the URL wherever you want.

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